Friday, September 30, 2011

Must See Documentary

 A Must See Movie is about Bobby Hurley's Basketball Program at St. Anthony's in Jersey City. Not only has he won the most high school basketball state championships, but he molds young men and sends them to college. A great story about a man who has devoted his life to shaping impressionable young men.
The Documentary is "The Street Stops Here"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

What Teachers Want to Tell Parents

What Teachers want to tell parents.  A lesson on why most teachers only last 4.5 years (on average), why some teachers give straight A's (so no one will bother them) and how teachers want to work with parents.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bachman takes on Perry

Bachman takes on Perry, jabs him over his support of HPV vaccine and his ties to MERCK.

Fact Checking Bachman

Pediatricians are Fact Checking Michelle Bachman's rant against the HPV vaccine.  It's safe and it saves lives.

Who is Buddy Roemer?

Getting to Know Buddy Roemer republican presidential hopeful

Medical Coding and the government

The Medical Billing coding is about to get a lot more specific. It is about to expand from 18,000 to 140,000 medical codes, including 312 codes for injuries related to animals. It also includes a code for if you have walked into a lamppost.

On Regulation Crushing Business, Freedom

Federal Law alone contains over 160 million words, laws too specific and complex to allow businesses to adapt freely. Regulations have become overly burdensome.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eleven Facts about Buddy Roemer

Eleven Facts about Presidential Hopeful Buddy Roemer

Tales of Manufactured Conflict

From Jon Stewart Tales of Manufactured Consent.
President Obama scheduled a speech to talk about jobs. Republicans asked him to move it because there is a Republican debate on that same day. The president made a reasonable accommodation and everyone should be happy our politicians acted like adults. Somehow the 24 hour news media managed to try and turn it into "schedule gate" or "speech gate". Reporters spent more time on the scheduling non-issue than on the substance of president Obama's jobs plan.

The Campus Rape Myth

Debunking the myth that there is an epidemic of rape on college campuses.  People often cite the number 1 in 4 women will be the victims of rape or attempted rape during college. This would mean that the rate of violent crimes is 10 times higher on college campuses than they are in Detroit. Does that even make sense? This article explains how the number 1 in 4 is obtained and why it is dishonest. Of those 1 in 4, 42% reported having sex with their "attacker" again.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Border Patrol with nothing to do

Charges of wasteful spending are being levied after a border agent publicly stated that there is nothing to do,.

Nation's Jails struggle with Mentally Ill Inmates

Our Nations penal system has become the new institution for many mentally ill

Rape: 1 in 4... really?

Many people assert that one in four college women are the victims of sexual assault. There is even a non profit called 1 in 4.
But if you crunch the numbers... they just don't add up. Even if you make an assumption that 90% of rapes are unreported then you still can't get anywhere near the 1 in 4 number.

The biggest rally in the history of Israel

Biggest Rally in Israel's history for economic reforms, cost of living expenses.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The dangers of outsourcing

The perils of outsourcing. Outsourcing can lead to lower costs and better business, but sometimes it leads to headaches, cut corners and disasters. Boeing learned that the hard way with the 787 dream liner.

CIA, MI6 helped Colonel Ghadfi

CIA and MI6 may have helped the Libyan regime

America needs a vacation

Fareed Zakaria: Hey America, take a vacation

The complicated tri-state relationship

The complicated politics and strategy of the Taiwan-Chinese-American foreign policy relationship

The New Rules for Sex on Campus

Philadelphia magazine has an excellent piece about the idiotic new regulations passed by the federal government that turns most college men into sexual predators. This shouldn't shock anyone that the government would fly in the face of common sense.

DVR box sucking down the energy

Your DVR box is likely to be using more electricity than your refrigerator

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Neglect charges for mom that allowed girl to bike to school

Neglect charges for mom that allowed girl to bike to school

putting the breaks on high speed rail in britain

Putting the brakes on a high speed rail project in Britain.

New Mexico State Police officer caught in the act

New Mexico State police officer was found on surveillance camera to be having sex on the hood of a carno charges will be filed against the officer.

Wiki Leaks releases entire archive of US embassy cables

Wiki Leaks releases entire archive of US embassy cables. The move was criticized by newspapers as it may compromise confidential sources.

The new $15 LED

The new LED will use 85% less than incandescent, 35% less than compact florescent and will last about 8 years.

India's anti-corruption movement

Indian's anti-corruption movement is gaining momentum