Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Afghanistan at a crossroads

This august was deadliest month for US

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Liberal Censorship and Political Correctness

Juan Williams tried to have an open dialogue about racism and discrimination against Muslims. NPR fired him for it.  The clip can be viewed here. Juan Williams said that "he feels uncomfortable when he sees a Muslim on his plane" that he has a moment of hesitation and anxiety, but also cautioned against blaming Muslims for 9/11 because we don't blame christians for the actions at Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh.

Gadhafi's Troops murder prisoners

Gadhafi's Troops murder prisoners

Good Documentaries

Street Fight: A Film by Marshall Curry is a stunning documentary about Cory Booker's attempt to unseat one of the most corrupt Mayors in the country and how the system comes down on him and his supporters.

tv ad for huntsman from unlikely source

Huntsman ad from unlikely source

Police Kill Iraqi War Veteran

Police kill Iraqi war veteran in a Swat raid on his house

Birth of a free Libya

Birth of a Free Libya: Hope for a new tomorow

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Paradise Lost: story of the West Memphis three

The movie Paradise Lost  is a documentary about the "West Memphis three" for those who want more information about the story.

Good Documentaries

Murderball is a movie about the US athletes that participate in the para-olympics. It is thought provoking and inspiring.

Need for criminal justice reform

West Memphis three and the need for criminal justice reform.

Democrats hold seats in Wisconsin Election Recall

The majority stays with the Republicans, but the Democrats maintain their two seats that were subject to recall

What is fueling divorce in the Bible Belt?

With all the talk of the bible belt and God, why is it the the "bible belt" has a higher divorce rate than the liberal north east?

Taking on Lemonade Stands

Why is the government shutting down child hood lemonade stands? Is there no common sense left in government?

Warren Buffet: Buy American, I am

Warren Buffet: Buy american stocks, I am

Friday, August 26, 2011

Deal Frees 'West Memphis Three'

What you need to know about the west memphis three

Good Documentaries

A smart documentary about the way we subsidize corn in this country 

Ron Paul gaining mainstream attention

Ron Paul gaining mainstream media attention

Ron Paul on the Lou Dobbs

Ron Paul interviewed on Lou Dobbs about his views on what the role of government should be.

Why Amazon can't make a kindle in the US

On the dangers of outsourcing

Massachusetts State police shutdown tea stand

Massachusetts state police shutdown little girls green tea stand

Warren Buffet bets on Bank of America

Warren Buffet bets on Bank of America

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paypal founder invests in floating Island

Paypal founder Peter Thiel has sunk 1.25 Million dollars into an island project that is purported to be a utopian society in international waters and not under the jurisdiction of any government.

Good Documentaries

A documentary about Oliver North running for US Senate. A good documentary for all those who love a good political documentary.

Good Documentaries

If you are looking for a good documentary that is smart and informative Waiting for "Superman" is a great documentary about the school system.

Doctors face high risk of being sued

ABC news explores the fear of being sued

Are playgrounds too safe?

Playground equipment has become too safe, boring kids and leading to inactivity, and prevent children from taking risks and building confidence.

Applying the lessons of Iraq

President Obama learned the lessons from Iraq and applied them into the situation in Libya

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Huntsman in favor of broadening the tax base

Mentions that he would support a simple flat tax

Steve Jobs steps down as Apple CEO

Steve Jobs steps down as CEO of Apple

Today's deficits aren't due to entitlements

Long term debt obligations are due to entitlements but the trillion dollar deficits of today are due to runaway spending, not entitlements.

The nanny state in National Parks

National parks aren't theme parks

East Coast rocked by earthquake

The east coast has been rocked by an earthquake whose epicenter is in Virginia

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Medicaid bankrupting the states, the nation

A new report shows that medicaid spending is unsustainable. Unfortunately an article written in 1993 pointed out the same problem that medicaid growth was unsustainable, maybe our politicians will wait until the money runs out before anything is done.

Military Pushes for renewable energy

In Afghanistan renewable energy means saving lives

Rebels Show the World

Libyans Rebels show the world

Could Politics get uglier?

Are politics in America about to get even uglier?

The new boeing 787

Myths about the new boeing 787 dreamliner

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Could Obama be right about US debt down grade?

Is it possible that Obama could be right about US debt down grade by S&P?

Fox News Megyn Kelly on Entitlements

Megyn Kelly of Fox News is singing a different tune about entitlements for workers now that she has enjoyed three months of paid maternity leave

China quietly invests $1 Billion in New York

China quietly invests one billion dollars in New York

Who Owns american debt: hint China isn't #1

A brief look at who owns American debt

Pawlenty drops out of presidential race after poor showing

Before any official votes have ben cast former Minnesota Governor drops out of the Presidential race

Micromanaging at a Federal Level

Micromanaging at a Federal Level over $1 coins

Nations Infrastructure

The problem with the US infrastructure replacing our broken water system

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tackling Obesity amidst poverty

Tackling obesity amidst poverty in America

Man killed by animal in park, park service sued

We are getting to the point where it must be asked.. what can't you sue for?

Swiss consider pegging Franc to the euro

The Swiss are considering pegging the Franc to the euro

Newsweek's terrible picture of Bachman

Jon Stewart skewers Newsweek for its terrible cover photo of Michelle Bachman

The French are getting fatter too

As America Struggles with obesity, it may find itslef shocked that France is too

Monday, August 8, 2011