Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fareed Zakaria on a Post American World

Fareed Zakaria was on national public radio today to discuss the future of the world in what he sees as a The Post-American World which is the title of his newest book. The thesis of the book isn't that America is declining as a nation but rather that since nations like China, India and Brazil are growing economically the US will not enjoy its superpower status much longer.

Strauss-Kahn Case in Serious Jeopardy

The sexual assault case against the former IMF chief Dominique Strauss- Kahn is in serious jeopardy due to serious questions the police are raising about the credibility of the alleged victim.

Birthers Sue Esquire for $225 Million

Birthers Sue Esquire for $225 Million for defamation. At issue is an article esquire wrote back in May shortly after the President released his long form birth certificate. The birthers ( Jerome Corsi and Joseph Farah)claim this article has made it harder for them to sell their new book Where's the Birth Certificate?
They also claim that the article has made them the subject of ridicule.
Maybe the birthers will sue President Obama for releasing both forms of his birth certificate because of the harm that caused to their careers.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flagrantly misinterpreting the message of Jesus

Stephen Colbert satirizes Bill O'Reilly's column on Jesus for its "factual inaccuracies" saying that it would be inconvenient for rich guys like them to own up to what Jesus actually required of them like when Jesus said "if someone wants your coat, give them your cloak as well" or "rich people should sell all their possessions and give the money to the poor".

College Tuition hikes on the way

With Budget cuts coming to most state budgets, college tuition hikes will be coming to several states.

Number that's killing the economy

The number that is killing our economy: our public and private debt is 350% of the national GDP.

Obama's Game Plan 2012: North Carolina, Ohio and Colorado

Obama's Game Plan 2012. Much of the president's base is disillusioned. Some of his supporters worry that his elections chances are hurt by a less enthusiastic base.

Jon Stewart versus the Fox News controversy machine

Jon Stewart did an impression of Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain that has sent Fox News into full scandal mode attacking Stewart for the impression. Stewart points out that he does absurdist impressions of nearly everyone including: John Kerry, Barack Obama, Former Presidents Bush and Clinton, Dick Cheney, stereotypical italian, stereotypical jewish person... so why not Herman Cain?

Unrest continues in Greece

Athens demonstrators gather ahead of austerity vote.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why is European Broadband faster and cheaper than in the US?

Why is European Broadband faster and cheaper than in the US: government policy.

Trillions of dollars in Interest

Of the $14 Trillion in Debt, several trillion dollars will go to pay the interest. The Blog defeat the debt, is dedicated to bringing the issue of the nation's crippling debt to light.

Mormon presidential candidates

With Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman running for president the issue of religion comes into play. Will Americans be willing to elect a mormon president?

Are the 9th and 10th Amendments dead?

The Ninth Amendment :The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
 And the tenth amendment: the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. 
Are not often discussed unlike the first and second amendments. A new challenge by the states seeks to reaffirm 9th and 10th amendment powers for the states. At issue is a Montana man who is planning on making guns that will only be sold in the state of Montana. Even though there will be no interstate commerce the ATF is claiming jurisdiction and has threatened the man with jail time if he doesn't comply with federal law. 
Time Magazine recently devoted its cover to the question of does the constitution still matter. Sadly they don't ever mention the 9th or 10th amendments. 

Most of the Captured 'Taliban' turns out to be civilians

General Petraeus released numbers of captured rank and file Taliban, but a closer look at the numbers reveal that between 80 and 90 percent were released in two weeks time because the military deemed them to be civilians.

Lagard expected to be named new IMF chief

With support from the US Lagard is expected to be named the new head of the IMF.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Average Teacher Compensation in Milwaukee: $101,091 a year

Average Teacher Compensation in Milwaukee $101,091 a year

Supreme Court Strikes down violent video game ban

In a 7-2 decision the Supreme Court struck down a California law prohibiting the sale of violent video games to minors. Justices Breyer and Thomas dissented.

Blagojevich convicted on 17 of 20 counts

Former Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich has been convicted on 17 of 20 counts against him. Blagojevich said he was stunned by the verdict. One juror said that it was hard to convict him because he was so personable.

Daily Caller on the Ridiculist

The Daily caller is a twenty four hour news slash conservative blog run by Tucker Carlson. It has been said that it is a conservative version of the huffington post. The Daily Caller has a lot of good articles and opinion editorials but also occasionally has some terrible pieces. One piece in particular ended up on Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pelosi demands seat at debt talks

Pelosi demands seat at debt talks

South Carolina: Maybe not first in the South Primary

South Carolina may not be first in the south primary. Governor Nikki Haley may veto government funding of the GOP primary, she has said that the government does not need to subsidize party events.

Jamie Oliver wants to teach children to eat better

Jamie Oliver is an english chef that is trying to create what he calls a "food revolution". In his twenty minute talk with he explains why he is on a mission, because obesity kills people and costs the US $150 Billion a year in health care costs. He has a website and a television show. He also mentions that if the obesity epidemic continues that children today will have a shorter lifespan than the generation before them.

Israel warns Journalists over planned flotilla

Israel warns media over planned flotilla to Gaza.  States that journalists may be banned from entering the country for 10 years and have their equipment confiscated if they participate.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Drug Companies win two Supreme Court Cases

Drug Companies win two Supreme Court Cases. One states that generics can't be held liable for failing to warn patients about the safety of their product.

Towns could get break from liability

Connecticut legislature passed a bill that would protect municipalities and small towns from frivolous lawsuits. The bill was crafted in response to a liability case where a jury award a women $2.9 Million after she ran into a closed gate while racing her friend down a steep hill and severely injured herself.

Jon Huntsman: a different kind of republican

New York Senate Approves Same Sex Marriage

New York Senate Approves same sex marriage.

Niggardly: Attacking Vocabulary in the name of political correctness

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Niggardly as being "grudgingly mean about spending or granting", but uttering the word can land you in hot water as a Mayoral Aide in DC resigned after correctly using the word in front of black coworkers, when referring to how they needed to approach the budget, or when parents demanded a teacher being fired for teaching the word during a vocabulary lesson. It also led Amelia Rideau, a student at the University of Wisconsin, to file a complaint against her professor when he used the word while quoting Chaucer. He then explained the definition to the entire class. She tried to launch a crusade that would discipline professors whose speech offends students regardless of intent. Fortunately for free speech, she failed.

House Defeats Libya authorization

The House defeated a measure that would have provided authorization for US action in Libya.

Two reporters handcuffed, detained for videotaping public meeting

The Park Police handcuffed, detained two journalists for videotaping a public meeting.

Blockaded Gaza Strip nearly out of medical supplies

Blockaded Gaza Strip nearly out of medical supplies, are nearing a crisis.

US backs Philippines over China tension

US backs Philipines over China tension.

Who takes us to war

The last time the US declared war it was WWII. We need new rules governing when and how we go to war.  We have the war powers act that was passed in 1973, but it has been largely ignored.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thomas Friedman on our broken government

Thomas Friedman on our broken government system. He explains that our current system that puts politicians in perpetual campaign mode encourages politicians to play to their respective bases promising things that they could never hope to deliver.

Legislators Fail to reach agreement on budget

Legislators fail to agree on budget, republicans insist on no tax increases.

Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater

Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater is a fantastic argument for conservative principles.  It is a good read for anyone. He explores the core tenets of conservatism and their implications on society at large, instead of looking at specific conservative policies.

Obama says gay couples deserve same rights as all

Obama announces that gay couples deserve the same rights as all

14 ideas to help fix the economy

Former President Bill Clinton offers 14 ideas to help fix the economy.

US to release 30m barrels from strategic reserve

US to release oil from strategic reserve to prevent global disruptions of oil flow.

FBI targeting fake security scammers.

FBI is targeting fake security scammers, the companies would give away a program that claimed to find security flaws on your PC and then for a fee would fix them. The problem was that the flaws found were fictitious.

Syrian Refugees Flee

Amidst fighting Syrian refugees fleeing

Deficit talks stalling

Deficit talks stalling as Eric Cantor pulls out.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Afghanistan: Obama orders withdrawal of 33,000 troops

President Obama has ordered a drawdown of 33,000 US troops

Mortgage-Backed Securities Explained

In a three part video series, each about ten minutes long, mortgage backed securities are explained in part 1part 2 and part 3. The videos are an excellent ground work in understanding economics in general, and specifically the recent housing crisis.

Understanding the Housing Crisis: Part 4

Understanding the Housing Crisis basics: Part 4

China's Ai Weiwei released from detention

China's best known artist Ai Weiwei has been released from detention after 81 days.

Politifact on Jon Stewart and Fox News

Jon Stewart tritely apologizes for mistakenly calling Fox the most consistently uninformed viewers on television. He notes that rated his statement as false. He then goes on to point out that Fox News is routinely rated by for having false statements including winning lie of the year more than once.

Huntsman on CNN

Jon Huntsman on CNN, a very impressive republican candidate.

PIMCO head predicts Greek Default

PIMCO head predicts Greek Default. A look at how the dominoes might fall if Greece defaults.

Public Pensions not fully funded

States have been warned that there is a $2 trillion short fall for public sector pensions.  To Fully fund these pensions state and local government will need to raise taxes $1400 per person per year for the next 30 years. Any politician that tries to reform the system faces a harsh backlash from unions, in the form of organization and campaign contributions.

Medicaid for Middle Class?

A glitch has been found recently in the new health care law that may allow middle class families to qualify for medicaid.

Cook County owes $108 Billion

Cook County has various debt, and pension liabilities totally $108 Billion

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Electric Car: Tesla roadster to stop production, focus on Sedan

End of the line for the Tesla Roadster

Understanding the Housing Crisis: Part 3

Understanding the Housing Crisis: Part 3 the last part of a three part series understanding the basics of the housing crisis.

Understanding the Housing Crisis: Part 2

Understanding the Housing Crisis: Part 2, another 10 minute video lecture explaining the basics of the housing crisis.

Six ways to jump start the economy

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack proposes six ways to jumpstart our economy

Border Security

One Arizona sheriff asks "Why do we have more troops guarding the Korean border, than the America Border?"

GOP candidates and Job Growth

A quick graphic showing job growth under each GOP nominee in that person's respective state.

Out door smoking ban

The Daily Show points out the ridiculous smoking ban in outdoor  parks in New York city, by highlighting that they are filled with drug addicts and homeless, and you aren't even allowed to sit on the grass. It is a funny three minute clip pointing out big city liberal absurdity.

Chris Matthews and Jon Stewart

Amidst the reporting on the interview between Jon Stewart and Chris Matthews, Stewart feels that one piece of the interview has essentially been glossed over, and that is when Matthews admitted that Fox News was not fair and balanced. But as Matthews stated, Fox News is a counter-weight to liberal bias in the media.

Huntsman is officially running for President

Jon Huntsman has made it official that he is running for president in 2012.

War Powers Act, Congress and Libya

The War Powers Act, Congress and Libya.

Monday, June 20, 2011

EU wants more cuts before it gives more bailout money to Greece

EU wants more cuts before it bails out Greece again. Greece is seeking to prevent default, which couple ripple through Europe devastating the financial industry.

Understanding the Housing Crisis: Part 1

A Video Series, this is video 1, explaining the housing crisis . It is a short ten minute video.

Economics: Understanding Interest

Understanding the principles of what interest is, and simple versus compound. The second 10 minute video is located here. Both videos are good principles for understanding basic economics. The Khan Academy has over 2,300 videos explaining all sorts of subjects from Economics to Chemistry.

Black Unemployment at 16%

While the national average for unemployment is 9.1% unemployment for african americans is 16%

Why is the Media obsessing over Sarah Palin's Email?

The Daily Show wonders why is the media wasting our time reporting on the 24,000 emails from the time Sarah Palin was governor.

Supreme Court sides with Wal-Mart

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Wal-Mart in the sex bias suit, ruling that the women working in 3,400 stores were too different for one class action suit.

The Norfolk four: False confessions from intense police interrogations

PBS Frontline covers the case of the norfolk four in this segment of frontline, it contains a ninety minute documentary, and several articles and interviews about the case. A brief summary of the cases is that a young woman was brutally beaten, raped and murdered. Detective Robert Glenn Ford used intimidation tactics to coerce false confessions from four navy servicemen, they were sent to prison based on the false confessions. Detective Ford eventually was sent to prison for 12 and a half years for corruption.

Companies push for Tax break on overseas profits

Companies push for Tax Breaks on overseas profits

Greek Default could topple large US Banks

Greek crisis could spill over into the US and cause large banks like Bank of America to fail.

FCC standing up against "mystery phone fees"

The FCC is considering fines of $12 Million dollars for mystery phone fees, charging consumers fees for products they didn't use.

America's Most Business Friendly States

A List of America's Most Business Friendly States

Siemens: American Worker's lack skills

Siemens is having a difficult time finding the skilled American workers it wants even though US unemployment remains at 9%

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Governor Walker Stood Up to Unions

Governor Walker had the courage to stick up to Unions. Herman Cain explains that "being forced to join a union as a condition of employment is a restriction on a worker’s rights. Joining a union or any other organization should be an individual’s choice"

Ryan's Medicare plan is a good deal for Seniors

Ryan's Medicare plan is a good plan, here are four ways to make it even better.

Default rate for repayment of student loans hits 25% at for-profit colleges

Default rate for student loan repayment hits 25% a for-profit colleges

America's Most Wanted set to end

America's Most wanted will come to an end after 23 years on the air. John Walsh launched an anti-crime crusade after the abduction and murder of his six year old son. America's most wanted helped catch about 1,200 fugitives.

Circumcision ban to be voted on in San Francisco this fall

'Intactivists' lead effort to ban circumcision in San Francisco

The perils of public debt: Greece

The perils of public debt. Currently European banks are allowed to hold government debt as if it were risk free. As a result European banks hold a tremendous amount of public debt, that is why a Greek default could reek havoc on the entire European banking system

Zakaria: Conservatism has lost touch with reality

Fareed Zakaria argues that the positions currently being put forth by the GOP are based on theory, not facts.

Some health care consensus

Democrats and Republicans disagree on several aspects of health care reform but there are several areas where they aren't that far away from each other.

Pundit under Protest

David Brooks is a pundit for the New york times covering the 2012 presidential election. He is disgusted by the lack of ideas being proposed from both parties.

The Slide at Oologah

An excerpt from Philip K. Howard's book The Lost Art of Drawing the Line: How Fairness Went Too Far, a brief excerpt about how fear of liability over a treasured neighborhood slide, led to it being taken down. Fear of a lawsuit won out over the fond memories of people playing on the slide.

Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday

Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace sits down with Jon Stewart, the two have a nice discussion about media bias. Stewart admits to liberal bias in the mainstream media, but categorizes it as mostly having a sensationalist and lazy bias. He also argues that Fox News is more of a concerted effort to push a conservative agenda.

Why Obama is beatable in 2012

Why Obama is beatable in 2012

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Roadmap for the Planet

We've avoided environmental catastrophe's in the past going forward, how will we tame global warming the same way we conquered past problems with innovation.

Greek Crisis at tipping point

Greek Crisis at tipping point, George Soros has been critical of the handling of the crisis by European officials claiming that they are making a mistake in not tackling the crisis

Facebook facial recognition software draws ire from Connecticut AG

Facebook's Facial recognition software draws ire from Connecticut AG

Overuse a problem for Medicare

Overuse a problem with Medicare

AARP expects entitlement cuts

The AARP expects entitlement cuts, and has taken a different tone then the last time the retirement age was discussed being raised. Social Security appears that it may no longer be the third rail of politics

More Unrest in Syria

More Unrest in Syria

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Social Security: Spending and Saving the Same Money

The Social Security trust fund: Spending and Saving the same money.

A Menu of Malpractice Reforms

Malpractice reform can take several forms. Here are six ways our medical legal system could be reformed to make it function better.

Can Government make essential choices

Philip K Howard argues that laws pile up like sediment in the harbor, and our government is hamstrung by laws passed decades ago.

The Responsibility Deficit

David Brooks talks about what is missing from our government, responsibility. No one can make a decision, so no one can be held accountable.

Ending One's Life: a right?

Ending One's Life: a Right?

US Africa Embassy Bombing Suspect killed in Somalia

US Africa Embassy Bombing Suspect killed in Somalia

Friday, June 10, 2011

Reforming Public Pensions in New York and New Jersey

Governors across the country are reforming public pension unions Governor Cuomo of New York has recently introduced legislation to alter New York Unions, while Governor Christie of New Jersey is brokering a compromise to reform public pensions there.
The New York times editorial board offered its opinion on the subject, that children have been pushed into ever larger classrooms while public employees have done very well for themselves in the past decade.

American's Not getting the serious debate we want

Instead of getting a serious debate on important national issues, such as the debt and unemployment. The media has spent more time following around Sarah Palin's bus, and showing us pictures of Andrew Weiner's crotch.

China: Exports and Trade

China's export growth is slowing down, meanwhile it is strengthening ties with Chile by siging mining and banking deals.

Gates: Europe needs to spend more on defense

Gates urges Europeans to spend more on defense. Suggest American's in the future might not be willing to pay for 75% of the NATO miltary budget in the future.

Mexico US Border: Drug War

Corruption grows at the border as Mexican Cartels increasingly target border officials and customs agents to bribe.
As violence continues to flare in Mexico, 116 bodies were found in a Mexican state that borders the US

Alabama passes tough immigration law

Alabama has passed very tough immigration laws.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some Bad Teachers Avoid Discipline

Some Bad Teachers avoid any discipline because the school district recognizes how difficult it is to remove them. Since it is so difficult to remove them, many places don't even bother trying.

As previously posted on this site in Middleton Wisconsin it cost the school district $300,000 dollars to fire for firing a teacher that was looking at pornography at school.

Red tape: effectively squashes small businesswoman

A woman in California, who has a knack for making excellent yogurt had her small business dream die wrapped up in red tape.

Drug Side Effects: List everything

Drug companies routinely list side effects of 75 or more for their drugs

Fire Fighters watch man drown

Alameda police and fire fighters watch a man drown because Firefighters and Police had not recently been certified in land-based water rescues, without those certifications the city would be open to liability. Fear of lawsuit, allowed a man to drown. Rules were changed after the incident.

Herman Cain

A Short Video interview with Herman Cain. If you are interested in learning more in Herman Cain, there is an excellent interview where he explains his beliefs without any gotcha questions.

Lack of Buyers may force Treasury to raise interest rates on bonds

Lack of Buyers may force Treasure to boost interest rates on bonds

House panel plans hearing on Boeing Plant

House panel plans hearing on Boeing Plant

In Saudi Arabia, Royal Funds Buy Peace for Now

In Saudi Arabia, Royal Funds Buy Peace for Now.

Constitutionality of Health Care Law being challenged in Appeals Court

The Health Care law is being challenged in an appeals court. Most observers believe it will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court.
One of the Judges on the appeals court asked if congress has the authority to force people to buy goods on the open market, is there any limit to their power?

The Cost of Renewable Energy Resources

How Renewable Energy often isn't as 'Green' as people think it is.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Real Cost of the Auto Bailout

President Obama is touting the success of the auto bailout, but he leaves out a lot of inconvenient facts along the way. The true cost of the auto bailout is even more than the $14 billion the US tax payer is directly on the hook for; it is also the $13 billion in losses that GM will be allowed to apply against future tax gains, even though GM was "sold" during its bankruptcy. The other cost is that credit will be harder to come by for the auto industry, as creditors, along with the rule of law regarding bankruptcy procedure, were tossed aside during the bailout.

Country Profile: Singapore

The world is a big place, and we should all try and understand each other a little better. This brief country profile of Singapore  will hopefully be a jumping off point in better understanding the other 211 countries in the world.

Waiting for Superman

For those of you who haven't seen the movie Waiting for Superman, it is worth checking out. It's a short 90 minute documentary about our failing education system (you can view the trailer here).

It makes the point that teachers are a national resource, but teachers' unions often obstruct the process of reform. It highlights many egregious results of unions, particularly the difficulty in firing terrible teachers.

It is structured around the stories of five parents trying to enroll their children into elite charter schools and describes how some charter schools are doing a fantastic job in even the worst neighborhoods in America. It doesn't answer every question about how to fix American school system, but it does a great job pointing several flaws in the system. The official site for the movie allows you to buy the dvd and encourages you to get active in the movement to reform public education.

Looming Primary Care Physician Shortage

The number of medical students going into primary care has dropped by 50% since 1997. A shortage of primary care physicians looms as fewer future doctors are interested in general practice. It isn't surprising that new doctors are avoiding the lowest paying jobs. When medical schools saddle new doctors with an average of around $200,000 worth of debt each (in addition to whatever loans they may have outstanding from their undergraduate educations), many doctors seek more lucrative fields. Some argue that this could derail Obama's new health care law, by questioning how we plan to treat all of the uninsured if we already have a shortage of primary care physicians.

Physician Reimbursements by Medicare: will elderly patients be able to find doctors?

Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements are often below operating costs for doctors who choose to see patients covered by these insurance plans. While the number of patients on Medicare is rising, the number of doctors willing to see these patients is not growing to meet that demand. Will Medicare patients be able to find doctors willing to see them? What good is government health insurance if it can't get you in to see the doctor?

OPEC oil talks collapse

OPEC fails to make an agreement on increasing oil production

Estimates of employers dropping coverage in 2014

When the new health care law comes into effect (dubbed Obamacare) many employers may seek to dump healthcare benefits. McKinsey estimates that 30% may drop employer based health care. The CBO expects the number to only be 7%.

Real Life CSI: suspects convicted on flimsy evidence

As a follow-up to yesterday's post, check out Newsweek's piece on forensic evidence gone awry, which touches on how as a result of potentially unsubstantiated forensic reports, innocent suspects have been convicted and sent to prison for crimes they didn't commit.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why much of what you hear about Medicine is wrong

How investigational bias, and lack of understanding statistics leads to medical claims that turn out to be false.

Real Life CSI

A recent Frontline episode about forensic medical examination: there are no national standards, and the quality of forensic exams varies greatly based on local policy. In some areas, autopsies are performed by medical experts, in other places by "coroners" with no formal training. At times homicides may be misclassified and allow murderers to go free, or innocent suspects may be sent to prison for crimes they didn't commit.

Chef Ann Cooper: Renegade Lunch Lady

Lunch lady Ann Cooper is trying to bring healthy meals to her students in Harlem. With the obesity epidemic affecting our nation's children, we should be trying to put healthier food in our schools, and ultimately our children's stomachs.

GM CEO calls for $1 gas tax

GM CEO calls for $1 gas tax: now that's a third rail in politics I'm sure no one wants to touch.

Changing the Way we Screen Air Travelers

The TSA's current method of screening travelers is designed to stop the smuggling of metal objects such as guns. Newer options may segregate flyers based on perceived security threat and screen them accordingly.

International Panel: Drug war failed

International Panel: Drug war is a failure, regulate marijuana.

We Must "End Medicare As We Know it"

Medicare as we know it is unsustainable. It will ultimately no longer exist in its current state; it remains to be seen how it will end and on whose terms. At least Paul Ryan has offered his plan on Medicare Reform. If anyone else does, I'll post those too.

Japan's Nuclear Disaster

Japan admits to being unprepared for the Fukushima Nuclear disaster caused by the Earthquake

Strike at Maruti Suzuki plant in India

The strike at the company has already cost them $1 Billion Rupees, and is only in its third day.

Miami Police shooting

Shooting on South Beach, Police confiscate eye witnesses phone, smash it trying to destroy the video of the shooting.

Dollar woes

The US dollar at 1-month low as china warns of US debt problems

The Deceptive Income of Physicians

If we account for all the debt, taxes and time it takes in to being a physician. How much money do they really make?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Jenny McCarthy's Body County

Jenny McCarthy's anti-vaccine campaign has its casualties, young children.

Weiner Admits to Sending Photo

Representative Weiner admits that he sent the lewd photo to a woman via twitter. He then confessed to sending messages to about six women over the past three years.
Should we care? Is this receiving too much coverage?

"Ground Zero Mosque" controversy

The "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy grabbed national headlines for several weeks. 60 minutes did an excellent job covering the story in this 13 minute piece. They point out a number of facts that weren't front and center at the debate. One was that the ground zero area at the pentagon has a non-denominational prayer center, and the Muslim call to prayer happens there daily. Two, was that the old burlington coat factory (the site of the controversial ground zero mosque, which happens to be 2 blocks away from where the twin towers stood), has actually already been functioning as a mosque for several months now. The only question is whether or not they'll be able to turn it into a community center with a pool and an auditorium.

Libyan Rebels Capture Yafran from Gaddafi forces

Libyan Rebels Capture Yafran from Gaddafi forces

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Country Profile: Nepal

More about Nepal
In this series of entries, there will be a brief overview of a country that many of us might know only little about. 

Somalia: 20 Years of Anarchy, How does it Function at all?

Somalia has lived in near anarchy for the past 20 years, how does it function at all.

Florida Governor Signs Welfare Drug Screening Law

Florida Governor Signs Welfare Drug Screening law. Critics hail it as an invasion of privacy. Proponents say that it isn't fair for tax payers to subsidize drug abuse.

Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education

Salman Khan: makes his pitch in this 20 minute video, about how we should be using video to reinvent education. He is the founder of the Khan Academy.
It is a fascinating look as to how we could use the Khan Academy to supplement US public education, to better help our children.
Business week wrote up a nice article about Khan and what he does.

Israel and Civil Rights

Can Equality exist in the Jewish State

Peru Set for a tight Presidential Election

The two candidates are vastly different, Peru is set up for a close Presidential election.

Military Moving forward with Ending Don't Ask Don't Tell

The military is moving forward with ending don't ask don't tell. For Servicemen and women who object to serving along homosexuals, they will not be allowed to opt out of there service duty, they must remain until the end of their commitment.

$100,000 to drop out of college and become an entrepreneur

Peter Thiel, PayPal's co-founder is offering $100,000 scholarships for people to drop out of college and come work in silicon valley.

Major Media Mergers

Meredith Attwell Baker, sat on the board at the FCC that approved the comcast, GE merger. And has now accepted a high level position with the new Comcast-GE company.
Jon Stewart makes light of it in an entertaining five minute clip.

Actually, That's Not in the Bible

Several quotes people use, "God Helps those that help themselves" are in fact, not from the Bible.
"God helps those who help themselves" is attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

Israeli Forces Fire on Pro-Palestinian Protestors in the Golan Heights

Israeli Forces Fire on Pro-Palestinian Protestors in the Golan Heights

Syrian Government Forces Kill 63

Syrian Government kills 63

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Who owns what on Television

A look at Media Consolidation

Win the Future? The future of US innovation

The future of US innovation

Netanyahu doesn't want a deal

Netanyahu doesn't want a deal, at his core Netanyahu doesn't want a Palestinian state.

Why we should care about Yemen

Why we should care about the crisis in Yemen.

GOP on Unions

Lamar Alexander explains how the US should encourage job growth in the US, and support right to work laws. He explains that Tennessee's right to work laws led to the growth of auto manufacturing in that state.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian has passed away at the age of 83

Dr. Kevorkian was best know for his work in physician assisted suicide. He sparked sparked the debate over assisted suicide and raised issue about how people should be allowed to die. The Catholic church, and several pro-life groups vilified him and said that he left behind a legacy of death. While many family members of the people he assisted in ending their lives remain grateful.
Physician assisted suicide opens up an uncomfortable debate for many people, but it is a debate worth having. Do the terminally ill have the right to die to end their suffering? Can they get help from others to do so?

What the Welfare State has done to the Family Unit

Walter E. Williams, Economist at George Mason argues that part of the break down of the family unit is the welfare state. That the percentage of black children being raised in 1940 by a single parent was 19%, today it is 72%.
He argues simply that if you subsidize something, you get a surplus, and if you tax something, you get less of it. As a society we have come to start subsidizing single mothers.

Modern Day Slavery

Slavery, by any other name, still common in parts of South Asia

eHarmony forced into providing Gay Dating Service

eHarmony to Provide Gay Dating Service, in result of lawsuit. The founder of eHarmony is a conservative christian who opposes gay marriage.

China divesting in US bonds

China divesting it's share in US bonds

Friday, June 3, 2011

Edwards Indicted, Pleads Not Guilty

Jon Edwards has been indicted for his role in the cover up of his love child, he has plead not guilty

Khan Academy

Salman Khan was on the Colbert Report last night to talk about his education revolution the Khan Academy, where he is attempting to change the way we think about education and bring it to the entire world. His academy, summarized well on wikipedia, has over 2300 educational videos online. They are all about 10 minutes (or less).
Salman Khan was a hedge fund manager, and started tutoring his cousins over the internet via youtube. He eventually quit to found the non-profit the Khan academy, and is trying to improve education in our country and our world.

Protests grow in Syria, despite government repression

Protests continue in Syria, despite the government cutting the internet and shooting some of the protestors.

Flying Safely from the TSA: patting down an 8 month old

Following Proper Protocols, the TSA patted down an 8 month old baby. In related news Texas may resume its fight to block the TSA from pat downs.